Where I come from, it was expected that your doctor should look grandfatherly/grandmotherly, not show any skin, not dress fashionably and basically spend all your time locked up studying when you aren't working. Luckily, that mentality is changing and we are now in world where what you wear does not (or should not) be a reflection on your intelligence. Of course, this has limits because looking professional does elicit a certain level of respect from clients/patients. However, gone are the days of dowdy dresses, unflattering skirts and ill-fitting white coats. 
                On that note, I thought I will try to incorporate some fashion ideas on looking chic yet professional at work especially for those who cannot afford to wear skinny heels all the time (yes heels do make you  look amazing, but I find them unpractical when I run around the wards all the time). 
Neutrals should be the basis of any work wardrobe. Think black, white, brown, nudes and blues. If you start with these, you can mix and match to your hearts content. If you are a lover of colour, you have a base layer with which to play with. Whats more, you can also incorporate colour by buying some fantastic accessories.
                   Like most people, I do not have a walk-in wardrobe and therefore have to wear a lot of items repeatedly. So its important to me to be able mix and match without feeling like I am wearing the same thing over and over. 
This winter, a few basics I would focus on are neutral jumpers (sweaters or pullovers for some), neutral shirts and blouses that you can wear underneath or on their own, dark trousers ( remember, you can also get some reds/greens/blues in there) and dresses that can be worn during all 4 seasons. 
Today's look features some well loved items in my wardrobe. The colours looked so similar, I knew I needed something else to break it up. Enter the black belt ( from Amazon of all places and it is amazing). The belt transformed an otherwise boring outfit to something a little more interesting. Dig deep into your wardrobe, find those loved pieces and discover new ways to pair them for work/brunch/dinner. 

Photos Courtesy of Rishi Shrivasti

Jumper/Sweater: Pimkie, Similar (Banana Republic and Urban Outfitters)
Skirt: Zara old (Similar Zara
Shoes: Mango-old (Similar Mango ) 

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