Like most people, when I was a kid, I rode bicycles. Unlike most people, as I grew older, I didn't get to practice riding and soon it became too late. I was embarrassed to admit I couldn't do it but what was worse, was my overwhelming fear of falling off the bike on my face with others watching, pointing and laughing - including kids. I am a tall girl (uhm yes I am- don't argue) and as a result, I believe my center of gravity is very high and therefore the distance from my face to the ground is much higher than most. Do I sound like I am providing excuses? Thats because I am.

You all know I wouldn't be telling you this if I didn't smash my fear into obliteration-ish.  Stanley Park is the Central Park of Vancouver. Some say it is better but I wouldn't dare tread on "certain" toes. I will say it is an incredible park with amazing cycling paths and even more amazing views. Definitely another must do. Stop along the way to see the lighthouse, visit the totem poles, enjoy some food, find the japanese garden (I didn't) and get run off the narrow cycling path called the seawall by overeager cyclists who don't understand that not every grown up cant cycle too close to the edge of the path without falling off. Oops - yes I was run off and yes people did stare and I am convinced some were laughing at me but like the cliche that I am, I got up, climbed back on the bike and continued cycling. Hurrah to me

My post wouldn't be complete without a little chin wag about my outfit. This amazing jumpsuit was super comfortable and perfect for cycling whilst looking fashionably chic. It was indeed a day for being out of my comfort zone because I don't usually wear prints but I got so many compliments and stares (positive ones) from other tourists and canadians. You can find details below. With them were my trusty slides. I did wear more comfortable shoes whilst cycling. Those red earrings are another summer favourite of mine, but I get so self conscious when I wear them because they are so bold :-).

Have I convinced you yet to make the trip to canada? Don't worry. There is more coming!! Most of the pieces I am wearing are out of stock but I have linked very similar items below. Enjoy

Jumpsuit Topshop (Similar LOFT) Slides ASOS (Similar ASOS)
Earrings Topshop (Similar BaubleBar), Bangle J Crew, Bag (Similar Michael Kors or DSW)

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