Do you ever take the time to  enjoy nature? It can be really hard, more so when you live in a concrete jungle and work all the time. Yup - I am talking about myself again, but I know a lot of you can relate. There is a simple solution. Make the time to commute with your/my/our environment. Mountains, rivers, forests, parks, seas, oceans. Fortunately Vancouver has everything I just mentioned and VanDeusen Botanical Gardens is one of its treasures.  

Visiting the gardens was the perfect way to spend an entire day which included an amazing cup of cappuccino from the cafe and a brilliant informative tour guide. I won't try to describe the experience but rather let the pictures speak for itself. I will however say, that I found these amazing silver leaves on the ground that were incredibly beautiful and unrealistic. I picked up one of them, carried it with me throughout the day and brought it all the way from Vancouver to my flat in NYC. Talk about a cheap and unique souvenir!! 

As usual though, I have to talk about my outfit. This was my favourite look during my vacation. That dress is unfortunately sold out but it is such a unique piece from Topshop. Its edgy with its dark colours and flirty with its colourful frill. Demure with its high neckline yet sexy with its short hemline. Sliming with its dark colours, yet flattering with its single belt. Should I have been a poet? Clearly not. 
I love comfortable walking shoes and these loafers are no exception. They are sturdy at the base with a soft fabric keeping your feet so cozy. The bright bold colour doesn't hurt either. My outfit was a contradiction of colours, silhouettes and patters and I loved it. 

Dress:Topshop (No similar link to do this dress justice), Red Loafers: ASOS (Similar ASOS, ASOS), Bag: TJ Maxx (Similar Michael Kors or DSW)

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