This is where bananas and plantains come from.  Its called the flower from which they shoot

In the winter, we complain about the cold weather. In the summer, its too hot and we can't wait for fall. For me, the perfect temperatures are somewhere between 21-24˚C (81-84˚F in american ;p) and May/September are my favourite months. This spring I took my May holidays in good ole Canada.

Vancouver is one of those cities you hear a lot of positive things about and think, if I got a free/cheap ticket, sure i'd go visit but especially coming from Europe/Africa, south and central american were on the top of my list. However, due to certain circumstances, I found myself booking a flight there for 10 whole days and spoilers alert, it was AH-MAZING!!! More posts coming up!

One of my favourite days was a trip to Granville Island Public Market. It is a peninsula located in Vancouver, BC which offers delectable cuisine, a market with so many delicious fruits and vegetables and lovely boutique shops.

Mode of Transportation from the city to the peninsula - Aquabus Ferry. Very affordable, short and fun journey 
Because every trip needs several cups of coffee!! 
Upon arrival, the first stop was The Sandbar Seafood which is this amazing building with interesting decor. Of course, the massive shipping boat in the center cannot be missed. What did I have at the seafood restaurant? Yup you guessed it. Coffee!!!!! It is more on the fancy side and would be great for a lovely dinner, perfect date spot!! Unfortunately, I don't have a picture to do it justice. 

The market was my next stop. Tempting chocolate, exotic fruits, fresh meat, fish and poultry, pottery, jewellery and most importantly, food. I walked around several times and I was captivated. If I lived in Vancouver, I would be there every month. The cinnamon records from Stuart's Bakery looked amazing and whilst I didn't try them, I will have this lovely photo to remind me of stupidity. 

Cinnamon Records from Stuart's Bakery 
Can you guess the name of this fruit? It's called Salak or snake fruit - from South East Asia. Does not smell great lol 

The rest of the day was spent visiting the local boutique shops where I was gifted an amazing pair of earrings which are currently my favourite summer accessory. Ten Thousand Villages is the name of the shop and all its products are handmade and fair trade. WIN WIN. The day ended with a visit to the Granville Brewery for some cold delicious craft beers. I am not a beer fan but gosh the light beers were incredible. I have to shout out to the incredible bartender who was pouring 6 drinks at the same time - I was mesmerised

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  1. I love this post and am so happy you enjoyed Vancouver! It's one of my all time favorite cities. You found so many cool spots there, I can't wait to go back and explore them!


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