It is officially Spring Season and I am extremely excited to see what spring in NYC brings. However, that means I need to get my lazy self out of my apartment in order to enjoy the blossoming flowers and smell the spring air. That also means spring dresses, pastel colours, NO TIGHTS and warm weather. It also means time to start working on that Summer Bod!!!

Bearing that in mind, I bring you this vintage inspired look. My inspiration came from the lovely @blaireadiebee whose instagram I absolutely adore - she is a mixture of preppy, classy and country chic. This extension of the 1940's silhoutte incorporates the full midi skirt and replaces the cinched waist jackets with a lacy crop top to show off my feminine wiles. The blazer and hat made the outfit so demure, my grandmother would have been proud.

This midi skirt is one of the most versatile outfits I have in my wardrobe. I wear it with trainers, sandals, boots and during the winter, summer, fall and spring. If you don't have one of these, I would advice you to click on the links below to find yourself one ASAP.

Now lets talk about bralettes. I didn't give into this trend until recently and I have to say, there is no looking back. Its lacy, its sexy and most of all, it can be shown in public. No need to pin and tape those old disgusting bra-straps. A little peek-a-boo is more than welcome.


Though spring is meant to be warm, in reality we know its almost as cold as winter so those booties aren't ready for storage yet. Booties are a perfect way to show a bit of "ankle" and skin without freezing to death. I love wearing them with high waist skinny jeans or midi skirts. With all the sales around, you won't be short for choice; but as usual, I have a few links below to get you started.

This spring/summer is all about the blazers. The long oversized style to be exact. However, I have had this fitted, elbow patch beauty in my wardrobe for two years and I am ready to show it off. It's preppy neutral and country chic. They are must have for any wardrobe - if like me you dare to step away from trends. Blazers in general are an easy piece to change an outfit from casual to smart casual or from sexy to business chic! Just make sure they whatever look you choose, they fit you properly.

I have to admit the hat is probably my favourite piece of this look. I went out for brunch decided to rock the hat with a devil may care attitude and I feel like others could sense my confidence. So many people are afraid of wearing hats because they fear it doesn't suit their "face". There is no face out there that doesn't have a hat made for it. You simply need to find it, wear it with confidence and walk the walk. I am always here to help if you need an eye :-)

Skirts: ZaraChic Wish  and Mango, Blazer: Similar Loft and Macy's , Oversized Blazers: Similar Here Miss Selfridge and Nordstrom, Booties: Mango Wide Brim Hat: Oldie from Forever 21, Similar Forever 21, Forever 21 and my favorite Urban Outfitters Bralette H&M

I hope you are as excited as me about spring and comment below to share what spring-time activities you are looking forward to. Follow me on @thechicmedic on Instagram for other spring/summer trends I like/dislike.

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