"I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious." -Albert Einstein

Isn’t it wonderful when you find that quote that simply embodies how you define yourself?

I must start by apologising for the lack of content recently. I have simply been a journey of intense passionate curiosity. Travelling, eating, and discovering so much about what the world has to offer, but mostly discovering ME! We rarely take time for introspection and reflection. In fact, we avoid any form of self-analysis for fear of what we will see.  Suffice to say it was one of the most difficult experiences of my life but extremely rewarding. I did nothing but reflect on my life, choices, desires and what I wanted from life. I have not only resurfaced as a (Hopefully) better version of myself but one who is taking life by the reins and riding into the sunset. (END OF SPIEL)


It's my favourite time of the year, Autumn/Winter! The fashion trends this year play with textures, drama and male styles for women. Think brogues, oversized shirts, velvet,  puffy sleeves and cold shoulders to name a few.

Yes, I know you all want to know where I got that shirt from; back to fashion aye!! There isn’t a style I have enjoyed more than the oversized shirt.  It is comfy, hides those wobbly bits, can be borrowed from youR other half/dad/sibling and translates into the summer with rolled up sleeves. This shirt from Zara has a little zing with its one-sided cold shoulder look and those buttons!!

I went away from the androgynous look by pairing them with these skinny pleather pants and high sandals.

Now, it isn’t winter yet and I am not ready to pack those bold colours away ergo these super bright Nine West sandals. Coupled with the Steve Madden bag with matching colours, I couldn’t resist. It’s a bit bold, daring and just what I needed to feel fabulous. 

Remember to “Accept the things you can’t change, learn from the things you wish you could have changed and passionately enjoy the changes you will make” – Swiri Konje

Shirt (ZARA), Trousers (H&M), Shoes (Nine West - Similar ASOS), Bag (Steve Madden), and Sunglasses (Aldo - Similar Aldo)

Photo credit: Shannon Lim 

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