Cozy jumpers, warm fires, Irish coffees, mulled wines, snuggles, baths… These are a few of the many reasons to love autumn/winter. Walking in the rain is a new addition to this list. Yes… in 2015, I discovered a new love. The feeling when the rain drops shower on your face, cascading slowing in rivulets down your cheek and the wind whispers gently in your ear; you can barely see the road and perhaps your hands are so cold but you rejoice in the fact you are able to enjoy one of nature’s beautiful gifts. Ah Ireland… I am starting to see your magical beauty

              On that note, my outfit for the week is this beautiful affordable knit jumper from New Look. It feels amazing and is big enough to make you feel like you are enveloped in a cocoon. So so soft!! Bonus points come from the sleeves or lack thereof and the pockets. It honestly is my favourite jumper so far. Oh did I mention the colour? Such a rich mixture of browns and dark gold
              Moving unto pleather!! I love that term. So much easier than saying faux leather. My pleather leggings are from H&M. They definitely give this look a chic edge to it and at a very affordable price too. This season will definitely see more pleather in my wardrobe.
             The amazing leopard print heels are an old staple in my wardrobe. The print shoes matched beautifully with the knit jumper and the river island handbag. River Island does one of the best high street bags and they make for amazing Christmas presents.

I have to highlight the earrings from The Sirkka Collection. She makes such beautiful pieces. They can be as simple or unique as you want and best of all, they are super affordable. Go to her Facebook page or follow her on Instagram and order your pieces. Another perfect Christmas/birthday gift idea

Jumper: New Look Pleather Legging: H&M Handbag: Limited Edition similar River Island
Shoes: Similar ASOS Earrings: The Sirkka Collection

Special thanks to Mz Jillian O’Keefe, the photographer of the shoot. We had so much fun running away from moving cars in the freezing cold and trying to figure the perfect camera settings. 

I cannot end without talking about the recent attacks in the world. All we can do is support and pray for peace and unity. #prayforpeace

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  1. This outfit is giving me life ....In love :)

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