I have been dreaming of a white on white ensemble, looking for that outfit worthy of a date,  appropriate for work, friday night cocktails, summer boat party … and I found it. Simple, elegant and CHIC!!

Pants/tailored trousers aren’t usually part of my non-work wardrobe but these pants had me drooling. The cut gives you an amazing “tush” and the length showcases the my trusty staple nude single strap sandals. The texture of the fabric also gives it some character. Did I mention it stretches and my "tush"? Hehehe I am very proud!!

The kimono blouse is another item on my must have list. It’s light, breezy, stylish and can be worn in many different combinations.  Think mini skirts, midi skirts, shorts, cropped trousers ...
What i do love about this top is how elegant it looks - and it can be worn in the winter too....
Yes to versatility!!!

Both top and pants are from Asos. I have had a very long lasting love affair with Asos. It does get more expensive every year but their collection is more extensive. It’s a one-stop shop for online shoppers like me who aren’t very keen on rack trolling. It has high street brands such as misguided and new look, to higher end high brands such as Ted baker.  This affair isn’t ending any time soon

I must conclude by saying this was a super challenging shoot – It was 104 degrees - I can't remember being that hot in my life. I salut all you southerners… 
Thank you to Cynthis Nangah for bringing me to this very lovely golf course and Ghislene Mantohang for being my able photographer…

Top; Asos Trousers:Asos Shoes: London Rebel 

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