Summer is so close, you could actually smell it in the air. Facies are becoming brighter, steps are "bouncier" and outfits are becoming colourful. Depression levels are low and vitamin D deficiency isn't so much of an issue ( Yes I had to tie in some medical stuff :-p). Of course there is the other side - you have to shave ALL the time :-(  

                                                            My Perfect Chic Summer Look

In the fashion world, summer means lots of dresses, sandals, hats, sunglasses etc. So the question is... What do you expect to see this summer? What is trending? The simple answer is "a lot" so I thought I would start by putting up a few summer must haves.

1.) Gladiator sandals

Not what Olivia Pope's associates wear to work - I definitely wouldn't look to Huck for fashion advice. 

What happened to those gladiators you had years ago? Probably thought you'd never wear them again and dumped them in the attic or gave them away like I did. Well guess what, it's time to dig them out again because gladiators are back and looking more stylish than ever. Remember to keep the rest of your outfit simple as they can be overwhelming. While I love the knee high gladiators, those babies don't come cheap. The ankle/calf style is very flattering and a cheaper alternative. Click Here for these styles 

2.) Fringe

It is with great hesitation that I put the fringe as number five. You can go oh so wrong with this look. In fact I feel like the fringe needs a whole blog post on its own. Suffice it to say - I am not crazy about fringes unless they are understated or being worn to a festival. For simple elegance, use fringed items as an accessory; think sandals, scarfs and bags. For clothing, think dresses, skirts and crop tops. I will have another post coming up dedicated solely to the fringe look. Click 
Here for more information on these looks. 

3.) Distressed denim

It's made a huge comeback and I love them. This is one of summer must haves which have to be worn with care. Ripped jeans means parts of your skin are on show. Beware of which bits you display especially when wearing ripped denim shorts. In addition, do not buy very fitted distressed jeans. Nothing worse than seeing your fat peak through those holes. They can be styled for casual chic with trainers and T-shirts or a city chic look with a pair of fabulous heels. For these jeans, click Here  

4.) Snazzy shades

The coolest summer accessory are sunglasses. They give you that air of mystery and "Je ne said quoi".  So whats hot for summer 2015? You have a few choices which include:  . However, reflective and retro sunglasses, are very p. Think reflectors, the cat eyed look, retro round sunglasses and statement pieces. For these sunglasses below, click Here and for more choices Click Here

5.) Summer whites

Nothing screams summer quite like white. Little white dresses, t-shirts, jeans, shoes etc. everyone should own at least 2 white pieces. When in doubt, wear white!!!! Did I say that enough? All pieces seen below are available Here 

Remember: Fashion comes and goes... style lasts forever!! 

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  1. Love this! 👌🏻❤️ 2 down ... 3 still to get.


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